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  • Motor del lado del obturador enrollable

    Motor del lado del obturador del balanceo de la CA

    Ampliamente utilizado en abrir y cerrar el balanceornPuerta del obturador del supermercado, Almacén, cine, hotel, fábrica, etc.

  • Motor de puerta enrollable automático

    Motor de puerta enrollable con interruptor de límite electrónico

    Límite electrónico, valor absoluto, posicionamiento de precisión, prvent para salir rápidamente de la posición límite. 1. fácil instalación: Ajuste del límite del recorrido por el receptor; 2. control inteligente: Anti corriendo límite; 3. Estabilidad: Proteja altamente el motor en tiempo de la tormenta eléctrica; 4. Menos ruido: usando el engranaje y el eje de la alta precisión; 5. Seguridad: puede emparejar con la función de seguridad muchos.

  • Motor del lado del obturador enrollable

    Controlador del motor del obturador del rodillo de la CA 600Kg

    El control de circuito independiente asegura la seguridadEl freno de seguridad, posicionamiento de control limitado exacto, con la protección del interruptor de límite doble, previene la puerta sobre el roll-up.El sistema automático del UPS está disponible, ninguna molestia de la falta de energía

Fireproof Rolling Door Motor Control System

March 16,2019.

Fireproof Rolling Shutter Motors are suitable for the automatic rolling door and window system of dwelling house, shops, office, and hospitals.

FJJ series electric fireproof rolling door motor , the latest type rolling door motor that produced after doing large researching on domestic new technology and advanced type machine and later absorbing the advantages. The fireproof rolling door motor with many advantages ,it is high quality , multiple function , easy installation etc . It is the ideal complementary products and the symbol of modern life.

Left installed or right installed both are ok for our fireproof rolling door motor . Can choose to install in fixed single track bracket or movable double track bracket . And the motor engine equipped with fuse protector to sense the working environment and situation.



a) Manual operation is convenient when no electricity, it may be installed the reserved power equipment

b) Easy to install the main machine and the side - board

c) Driving advice made by quality steel which has special heated process, high strength and anti - wear

d) Motor equipped with auto - heat protection system, low noise, large starting moment, safe running

e) Legerity design, powerful driving

If you would like more information about Electric Fireproof Rolling Door Motor, please contact us or visit our website for more details.

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